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Hey there! My name is Scott, and I’m currently doing a Masters in Statistics at the University of Manitoba. I’m a bookworm who enjoys meeting new people and exploring different physical activities. Here are ten fun facts about me:

  • Dolphins are my favourite animal.
  • I’ve spoken to astronauts on the International Space Station.
  • I used to have a 46 inch waist, now it’s around 34 inches.
  • I am skilled in keeping people talking for longer than they intend to.
  • Most nights I sleep with a textbook on my bed.
  • I’m an avid boardgame player.
  • My favourite hobby is meeting new people.
  • I train in martial arts.
  • I’m asthmatic but I’ve completed a 10k run.
  • I think Pride & Prejudice has some of the most beautiful language of any novel ever written.

I enjoy talking about personal development in all its facets, and I often have conversations with people, particularly people I’m just meeting, where this type of topic comes up. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to share everything I would like to, so that’s where this site comes in! Here I can write about all the types of things I would like to share with others, but am not able to do so in person for one reason or another. The following will probably be reoccurring themes throughout future posts:

  • Statistics, statistical learning, and machine Learning. As a statistics major, I mainly enjoy the computational intensive aspects of it and the theory that goes behind them. I treat the computer like a laboratory where I can mix and match methods, abuse assumptions, and learn how to tame data that does not want to play nicely. I’ll also be sharing here what I learn as communicating knowledge is something that one can never have enough practice with.
  • R/Python/Julia programming. I code as part of my research, but I also enjoy coding for the sake of it. I’ve been coding on and off since I was 14 and have enjoyed teaching it to others.
  • Ideas of personal development. As I’ve mentioned, this site in mainly to share ideas, both technical and non-technical.

This site isn’t meant to be a super successful blog, but to contribute in whatever ways I can. Based on this, the site will not have a targeted theme but will consist of whatever I think helpful and interesting.