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Attribute Inspiration

Building New Perspectives

Nouns are defined as a person, place, thing, or idea. If we’re asked to describe a noun we can come up with a variety of words. The word rock brings to mind words such as stubborn, stiff, and old. Each of these bring to mind feelings and thoughts. The feelings and thoughts derived from the noun rock can bring new perspectives to a situation.

Suppose we’re in a situation at work where if we don’t perform well on a project we’re at risk of being demoted. We can apply attribute inspiration to bring new perspectives:

  • Stubborn: When water hits rock nothing changes right away, but after years the rock can be worn away. If you find something that has worked for someone else, and it doesn’t seem to be working, keep going.
  • Stiff: When you’re stiff, you’re typically not very mobile. You’re stuck in a certain way of thinking, perhaps. Now might be a time to seek outside counsel and adapt yours response in a way you haven’t tried yet.
  • Old: This is an old problem that has been encountered by many people through different contexts. If you look around you will probably find descriptions of people in a similar situation that came out of it successfully. 

The idea is to bring inspiration from the context surrounding a word, all of the experiences, feelings, and descriptions we have about it, that can be used to look at the familiar in a new light. This idea was first explored here in the context of building greater understanding around a new topic.

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